A new dimension of riding pleasure awaits you in the W9, the latest model from the Alpha series! This velomobile offers a perfect combination of design, riding fun and everyday usability that will inspire you.

With its 2.60 m length, the W9 is just as long as the M9, but at only 72 cm it is somewhat narrower and has a slightly different outer shape. The track was reduced by 6cm.

A 1.5 cm lower seating position, compared with the current M9, enables improved driving dynamics. In addition, the front end has been widened by 1.5 cm in the area of the crankcase.

Although the W9 is smaller than its predecessor, it still offers space for drivers up to 1.80m. It is quite possible to accommodate even larger drivers in the W9 when 140mm cranks are installed.

 The entry area is 3 cm narrower at the front than on the M9, but identical again at the rear, which makes it easier to get in and out.

Visually, the W9 looks very sporty and dynamic with its lowered top and slightly grown wedge shape.

The proven details of the Alpha class, such as the outstanding wind stability, the accident-proof wishbone, the flanged entry edge, the dominant shoulders and head scoop, and the crash-optimized front entry edge can also be found here.

On the manufacturer's website, velomobileworld.comyou will find a configurator. There you have the opportunity to design the W9 according to your wishes in color. Have fun with it!