The Snoek velomobile is the latest development from Named after a predatory fish, it weighs about 23 kg. The name says it all. Aggressive, fast, agile and primarily designed for racing.

This velomobile will also be used in everyday life, e.g. for the daily commute. Lighting, including turn signals, a full-suspension chassis and rear-view mirrors neatly integrated into the chassis ensure suitability for everyday use.

A bonnet will be available as well as the popular foam lids.

The Snoek was developed for "smaller" people from 1.50m to 1.78m. However, the first test rides showed that the limiting factor is not necessarily the body size, but the shoulder width. If you don't exceed 47 cm and don't see a certain narrowness as a disadvantage, the Snoek is a velomobile that can be moved extremely efficiently. 

Prices start at 8750€.

The dimensions of the Snoek: length 257.5cm, chassis width 67.5cm, height 79cm.

You can get a first impression of the Snoek in the picture gallery. Many more details in the Blog of Here you can find a report of my first test ride with the SNOEK.

Currently, the delivery time is about 10 months.