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Switch unit for Tiller steering


Replaces the horn and turn signal switch on the Tiller. No more open and corroding solder joints. The existing cables can be easily reconnected. No extension necessary. The set includes the housing incl. the required IP 67 switches and 4.8mm flat connectors. Maximum torque of the clamping 1.5Nm.

Material: Polyamide


Grille for the air intake in the bulwark


Reliable protection against biting insects. 

Simply glued into the air intake. 

Material: Polyamide


Naca Duct (air inlet)

from €89

Adjustable Naca Duct with 15° adapter and outlet. 

Optionally, the outlet can also be supplied in TPU. TPU is a soft material that reduces the risk of injury if the air intake is mounted in the head area. 

Dimensions about 10x27cm.

A grid against large biting insects is integrated.
There is a small drain hole for rainwater to be able to drain it off in a controlled manner.
The air inlet with angle adapter and grille outlet costs 89€. Surcharge for TPU is 10€.
It is delivered as a "kit".

The air inlet, angle adapter and grille outlet still have to be glued together. Simple super glue can be used for this.



The bow box is placed on the bottom bracket mast and prevents biting insects from getting inside the velomobile.
The flap can be used to regulate the air flow and also to direct it somewhat. Especially useful in winter when you want to keep icy air outside.
Suitable for the 50mm bottom bracket mast as used in the A7, A9 and M9.
For the DF and Snoek there is an angled 40mm version so that the airflow is better directed to the rider.

Grinding drum for brake pads


With this 3D-printed single drum, poorly fitting brake pads are a thing of the past. Full-surface contact of pad and drum guarantee improved dosing and braking performance. Fading and noise are reduced.

The drums are available for 70 and 90 brakes and 12mm or 15mm axle.

Supplied with 80 grit sanding pad already glued in place.

V-Box (made by Axel Joost)


Waterproof encapsulated control box that centrally controls the entire electrical system in the VM. Indicators, lights, horn, etc with some additional functions that make the velomobile driving
more comfortable and safer.

The functions of the box:

  • Brake light (with flash in the first 0.8 sec.)
  • Turn signal (with control output)
  • Hazard warning lights
  • Horn
  • Light

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 40 mm x 25 mm x 12 mm
  • Current consumption: Maximum 7mA microcontroller, calculated without power section
  • Housing: ABS, waterproofed with epoxy resin, Odopal casting resin
  • Input voltage: 6 - 18 Volt
  • Connections: Control part 0.14mm², power part 0.5mm²
  • Maximum current load 5 amps for high/low beam, 3 amps for other outputs
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 80 degrees Celsius
  • Permissible current at 12V: 20A

Input voltage = output voltage
The individual outputs are short-circuit proof and self-resetting after a short circuit.

Button logic:

  • A short press on one of the two turn signal buttons switches the respective turn signal on. Another short press on one of the two buttons switches it off again.
  • Pressing the left/right button quickly activates the hazard warning lights. Pressing one of the turn signal buttons again turns it off.
  • A short press on the horn button activates the horn
  • A short press on the light button switches the light output on and off.
  • Comfort flashing function
Here you will find details on how to connect the box and the user manual.

Mirror housing Zefal Spin

left or right each 29€

Manufactured in the very highest quality. Can be painted without any problems.

Depending on the position of the mirror base, the mirror cover may need some finishing.

Hood hook for Alpha 9, M9, W9

1 set (2pcs) 


Exact fit for the beading of the coaming of the Alpha 9 series. Can be hooked much better than the factory supplied.

Made in 3D printing (MJF) from PA.

Pushbutton/ housing for control of the V-Box

For Tiller steering with 3 buttons and blind plugs


For tank steering with 3 buttons, blind plugs and LED blinker light for turn signals


Each additional button 7€

The laser sintered polyamide probe housing is clamped with 4 screws to the Tiller or steering column. Clamping diameter for Tiller is 21mm, for armored steering 20mm. Available as a set with button (no switches) or individually.

The IP67 pushbuttons with screw base and 12x1mm thread are available in black, red, green, yellow and blue.