The velomobile M9, is a descendant of the Alpha 9. All its features are found here.

Developed from the shape of the Alpha 9, the M9 has shrunk somewhat in its dimensions, but not in all dimensions. Length and width correspond to the Alpha 9 (2.60m x 0.80m). The M9 is designed for people up to 1.88m. With optimal proportions even up to 1.94m. The weight is approx. 22.7kg.

The head scoop has become 4cm lower. The crank space and the knee area have lost 7cm and 6cm in height respectively. Compared to the Alpha 7, the knee clearance has increased by 3cm. The available crank space is comparable and is about 57cm. 

The floor unit remains unchanged which means that all the internals of the Alpha 9 will also find their place in the M9. This also means that it will be possible to use very wide tires in the front wheel arches and maintain a small turning circle! Also unchanged are the roof and the entrance opening.

The mounting height of the front light is 46cm, which guarantees good road illumination. With the Lupine SL AX as an optional front light, no wishes are left unfulfilled.

In crosswinds, the Alpha 9 is already said to have very high stability, its descendant even better.

Another gain is the slightly improved cornering position which was realised by moving the upper part of the chassis to the front. 

You can get a first impression of the M9 here here

On the manufacturer's website, velomobileworld.comyou will find a configurator. There you have the possibility to customise the M9 according to your wishes. Have fun with it!