Emergency aid

Many a "quirk" on a velomobile is not as bad as it seems at first glance. I will be happy to help you with any problems you may have, e.g. with a phone call or video call.

Inspection / Repair

Even velomobiles are subject to a certain amount of wear. Not only the tyre wears out over time. The chain, sprocket and chainrings also wear out. The bearings of the wheels need to be checked every now and then. The gear and brake cables also need attention to function properly. Many components can also show signs of fatigue over time. For example, spoke tension should be checked regularly to avoid breakage. All of these issues affect function and reduce riding enjoyment. In the worst case, wear and tear can even endanger safety, e.g. in the case of faults in the brakes or cracks in the rims. To prevent this, regular inspections are advisable. These roughly include checking the chassis and running gear for damage, a functional check of all moving parts, lines, bearings and adjusting the gears and brakes, and a test drive. Anything beyond this, such as the replacement of worn parts, generates additional costs. A distinction is then also made here between repair and inspection.

Advice/ test drives

I advise you individually to find the perfect velomobile for you. Adapting the velomobile to the rider and the subsequent test ride take a lot of time. Not infrequently up to 3 hours. Because of this, test rides are not free of charge and are charged at 50€. If you decide to buy a velomobile, the amount will be credited to your account.


Almost all velomobiles that velomobileworld.com produces are available from me. Unfortunately, a test drive is not possible with every vehicle, as there is simply not enough space to provide one. 

With Jobrad Leasing and Finance a Bike (Volkswagen Bank) I offer, in addition to the classic payment methods, two other ways to realise your dream of a velomobile. Unfortunately, this method of payment is only available to customers from Germany.

Tuning and individual conversions

You want special conversions or a little more efficiency out of your velomobile?! I try to make that happen too.

International shipping

With my strong partner for global transport solutions, I also offer the possibility of buying a velomobile from abroad and receiving it by sea or air freight. Worldwide!