The way to the right velomobile

1. determine your needs and goals:

Think about how you want to use your velomobile. Is it intended for your daily commute to work, for sporting activities, longer tours/trips or perhaps a combination of these? Usage has a significant influence on the choice of the right type of velomobile and its equipment.

2. get to know velomobiles:

There are different types of velomobiles. Each type has specific features that affect comfort, speed, maneuverability, suitability for everyday use and transportability. Inform yourself thoroughly to find out which one best meets your requirements.

3. test drives:

Try out different models if possible. A test ride allows you to experience the feel, comfort and handling of the velomobile. Pay attention to how it behaves in bends, how easy or difficult it is to maneuver and whether it feels good. Riding stability is an important aspect, especially in windy conditions.

4. determine budget:

egard your budget. Velomobiles are available in different price ranges. Keep in mind that additional equipment and customization will affect the price and weight. Used velomobiles can be a good, inexpensive option.

5. research and evaluations:

Read testimonials and reviews from other velomobile owners. These insights can help you to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of certain models and to recognize possible problems or strengths. Please try to recognize which information is relevant for you. It is important not to be influenced solely by a few negative reviews, as misleading information can often be found on social media and forums. If you are unsure or have questions, it is advisable to contact a retailer directly. Personal advice can help you make decisions and clarify individual concerns.

6. check adaptation options:

Make sure that the velomobile is suitable for your body size and shape. What options are available in terms of seating position, steering, etc.?

7. maintenance and repair:

Find out about the maintenance requirements and ease of maintenance of the velomobile and how easy it is to carry out repairs. Ask about the availability of spare parts and support from the manufacturer or dealer.

8. dealer support:

Check the quality of the customer service or dealer. Good support with questions, warranties and spare parts supply can be very important. Velomobile dealers are not widely available - are you willing and able to do some things yourself?

9. observe safety aspects:

Consider the safety features of the velomobile such as structural details, lighting, brakes, visibility in traffic (choice of color)

10. production in a manufactory in small series:

As velomobiles are manufactured in small batches, it is possible that the paintwork or general finish, for example, may not always be perfect. Take this detail into account when making your decision and expect small irregularities in quality if necessary. A good indication of what you can expect are current demonstrators at the dealers.

11. make the final decision:

Once you have considered all aspects, make a decision and choose the velomobile that best suits your needs, your budget and your idea of a velomobile.


Buying a velomobile is a personal decision that involves a lot of money and is based on individual preferences and requirements. It is important to research thoroughly, test different models and take your time to find the perfect velomobile that best suits your needs.

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