The Bülk

The evolution of the Milan SL! Eggert Bülk, the inventor and designer of the Milan, has designed and built a new velomobile in collaboration with Jens Buckbesch!

There have been great strides in velomobile development in recent years. In lightweight construction, aerodynamics, suitability for everyday use and vehicle safety. Eggert Bülk and Jens Buckbesch have constructed the "Bülk MK1" velomobile on the basis of these findings and their own years of experience. A vehicle that is intended to reshuffle the cards of the velomobiles available on the market.

There is no hiding the relationship to the Milan SL. The design language of the SL is clearly recognisable. The frontal area and width in the area of the front wheels are almost identical, but the bow has been rounded off more and shortened by 5 cm. This and other changes improve the sailing characteristics and make the Bülk insensitive to crosswinds. Despite these interventions, the crank room is just as large as in the Milan SL.

Further adjustments in the area of the bow are the shaping of the toes and heels. Cranks with a Q-factor of 130mm now fit perfectly. Another gain is the slightly smaller frontal area compared to the SL.

The diameter of the bottom bracket mast increases to 50mm. This increases the stiffness of the drive and the air flow for cooling.

The Bülk is slightly more compact in its external dimensions than the Milan SL, but offers more appropriate space for larger riders with broad shoulders. A plus of 3cm per side is available. This means that the Bülk even offers 2cm more space than a Milan GT. This widening makes it possible to realize a tank steering, because now the needed space for the arms is available. In a few minutes the Bülk is adapted to different rider sizes between 150-195 cm. More space has also been created between the wheel arches for stronger legs, about 4cm more than in the Milan SL. With the adapter modules for headrest area and seat support can be easily adjusted to the driver by Velcro. A hood in 3 sizes, which differ in the height of the knee shaping, create maximum flexibility for driver adaptation. The visor of the hood, which in the past used cut Makrolon, has been replaced by a motorcycle helmet visor. This provides added comfort and safety.

Particular attention was paid to the design of the underbody. Since ground contact practically never occurs between the front wheels and the rear wheel, it was possible to lower the underbody here by 20 mm. This lowers the interior by 20 mm, giving drivers with longer legs more space. A floor module with different depths for the heels is also planned, but is currently still under development.

The chain channel was reshaped into a wide vault and adapted to the lower contour of the seat. This makes maximum use of the space. The driver can sit 20 mm lower, the centre of gravity becomes lower and the road holding more stable. The arched structure on the underbody allows the vehicle to lean better against the road in crosswinds. Another advantage of this design, the stiffness of the floor pan is massively increased and is no longer "fissured" by longitudinal struts.

Those who have always had a problem with the position of the head in the Milan will be pleased. Here, too, Jens has implemented the wishes of the drivers and moved the "tray" down by 3cm and tilted it slightly. An extension of this tray will also allow taller riders to lie flat in the bülk with an unrestricted view.

  • Length 257 cm
  • Width at the height of the front wheels: 70 cm
  • Width at shoulder height: 60 cm
  • Turning circle ca 12,5m
  • Height: 82 cm + optional light module
  • Weight: 24kg depending on equipment
  • Bottom bracket mast : 50×50 mm
  • CW value: 0.10to 0.12, depending on tyre width
  • Front wheels: 20 inch
  • Rear wheel: 28 inch (622)
Here you can find the manual in german and in english


On the manufacturer's website, velomobileworld.comyou will find a configurator. There you have the possibility to customise the colour of the Bülk according to your wishes. Have fun with it!