Alpha 7

The Alpha 7 velomobile, with a total weight of only 21.5 kg on average, is a big step forward in velomobile construction. Fantastic space, a very stiff drive and unparalleled wind resistance make the Alpha 7 the perfect companion.

Daniel's enthusiasm, material-murdering component tests and a certain fanaticism have made the Alpha 7 what it is, one of the most popular velomobiles! Only 21kg (+-700gr) needs to be accelerated. The lowest weight of all available series velomobiles. Can be equipped with Tiller or Panzer steering, according to your own preferences.

People from 1.50m to 1.90m find room in the Alpha7. This is achieved, among other things, by offering 4 different seat sizes. Seat size L has recently become available in a more ergonomic version. Not only can differences in length of up to 14 cm be compensated for, but the seat can also be adjusted in height, another unique selling point. A great feature is that the seats can be removed without tools and exchanged with other sizes. Practical when, for example, several people use the same velomobile.

The Space available in the Alpha 7 is enormous. In the shoulder and arm area it is a generous 55-57cm. Pack sacks on the left, right and behind the seat, as well as shoes, laptop, etc. find sufficient space in this space wonder. An included chain cover reliably prevents equipment or clothing from being "eaten" or soiled by the chain. 

Another special feature is The bonnet which has emerged from many previous developments. Equipped with a break- and scratch-resistant HJC HJ-05 motorbike helmet visor and the corresponding mechanism incorporated in the bonnet, everything has been done to provide a safe bonnet that is suitable for everyday use and blends harmoniously into the overall appearance of the Alpha 7. The visor is available in different versions. Tinted, mirrored and anti-fog coated. 

Of course, the Alpha 7 can also be optionally equipped with a lighting system. The special features here are the Busch & Müller IQ-Xe 150 front light, which at 43 cm is very high and provides much better illumination, and a rechargeable 14.4Volt, 6.9Ah Lupine LiPo battery that supplies more than enough power. Indicator, rear light and brake light are combined in one Kellermann Atto housing on the sides of the velomobile. The brake light function is currently not available with armoured steering.

The dimensions of the Alpha 7: length 257cm, chassis width 67cm, max. width 71cm, height 89cm, track width 66,5cm, axle distance 131,5cm.

You can get a first impression of the Alpha 7 in the Picture gallery.

You will find equipment details and prices here.

On the manufacturer's website, velomobileworld.comyou will find a configurator. There you have the option of customising the colour of the Alpha 7 according to your wishes. Have fun with it!

Currently, the delivery time is about 2-3 months.